IELTS Test Assessment Criteria

Amongst the four tests of IELTS, two tests, Writing and Speaking tests have the same assessment criteria. All the writing and speaking will be evaluated on the following four criteria:

    • Task achievement.
    • Coherence and cohesion.
    • Lexical resources.
    • Grammatical range and accuracy.

Task Achievement: The task given is to write on a subject or speak on a subject. This criterion looks at has the purpose of writing and speaking has been achieved?

Coherence and cohesion: This criterion looks at how coherent has the student been in the given task. Coherence in this context would mean that the student has stuck to writing and speaking about the topic given and has wandered off or gone off topic. There is a logical progression of ideas. The arrangement of information being shared by the student is logical.

Lexical resources: This criterion essentially looks the vocabulary being used by the student. Has she used a wide range of vocabulary? Has she used the appropriate word in the context to convey the meaning?

Grammatical range and accuracy: The criteria tests the grammatical range of the student. Has he expressed himself in a grammatically correct manner? Is there no ambiguity in his expression? Has he used a complex but accurate structure to convey his thoughts?