IELTS Test – Score Validity Duration

The question often asked is, what is the validity period of the IELTS Score?

The IELTS score is valid for a period of two years. So once you write the test and get a score and are satisfied with the score, that score will be valid for a period of two years. You should apply for any academic program within two years. If you apply after two years you may be required to take a fresh test.

IELTS organisation gives only one copy of the Test score hence the student is required to preserve the test result sheet carefully. No duplicate copy is given. If you are applying to a university/institution for admission you can mention the name of the institution in the application form of IELTS and IELTS organisation will send the test score directly to the institution in which you have applied.

The University/institutions can directly verify your score with IELTS.