The Speaking Test tests your ability to speak English fluently with another person. This test is conducted separately and not clubbed with the Listening, Reading and Writing Tests. This may be held any time seven days before or after the other three tests.

This test consists of three parts and will last about 11-14 minutes. In the first part called Introduction and Interview, the interviewer will introduce himself/herself and ask you to do the same. You are expected to tell about yourself. General questions about your identity, education, family background etc are asked and the student is expected to respond to them. In part 2 of the test called the Individual Long Run, which will last about 3-4 minutes, you are given a card with a topic written on it and are expected to talk about the topic and the points that you need to cover in your talk is mentioned on the card. You will get one minute to prepare on the topic, you can make notes and then you get about 2 minutes to talk on the topic. The examiner may ask you one or two questions on the topic. Part 3 of the test called the Two-way Discussion the examiner starts a discussion with you on the topic you have talked about allowing you to elaborate on the topic. The Speaking test is completely recorded.