Writing test is the third in the series. This tests your ability to write in English about a given topic. The test is for one hour. You will be given two writing tasks. The first task will need you to write a report based on a graph, map, flowchart, process chart etc.  It should be of  150 words. The second task will need you to write in about 250 words on a topic.  You write directly in the answer sheets provided to you. You should spend about 20 minutes on task 1 and 40 minutes on task 2. The marks for task 2 is double the marks provided for task 1. You may be given a chart or a diagram and asked to analyse the details of it in task 1. Task 2 may ask you to write on a topic from both the positive and negative angles or sum up arguments both for and against the topic.

Some important point to keep in mind

  • Attempt both the tasks
  • Answer directly on the answer sheets provided. all the questions.
  • Task 1 carries half the marks that Task 2 carries so spend your time proportionately.

Tips on Writing Test