Understanding idioms through video lessons

Pay the price

Basically, nothing comes free in the world. You have to give something to get something.

Price to pay means the negative consequences of an action or a decision. It can also mean the important things you have to give up to get something. A sacrifice would also be an apt interpretation of the idiom

Cancer in later years could be a price to pay for having smoked recklessly in younger years.
When you go abroad for studies, you have to pay the price of being away from friends and family

Moving the needle

When you are driving a vehicle at a constant speed, the needle on the speedometer is still at a fixed speed. If you need to move the needle, you either need to step on or off the accelerator. The action you take will make the change.

Moving the needle means effecting changes, making a difference.

The efforts the governments around the world are making to halt Global Warming are not enough. They need to do something to move the needle.
The relentless campaign to curb smoking in public places is really moving the needle.

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