Blunder Boards – precocious children?

Yashoda Hospital is a corporate hospital chain with a number of units all over the city. They keep running campaigns for different units by extensively using billboards. Here is one I found plastered over a bus shelter. Billboard designs require that along with paying attention to the language, one has to pay attention to the placement of different sentences along with some sort of boundary markers. For the English language lovers – what is wrong with the billboard?

Answer below:

In this Board, there is no error of language itself but the placement of sentences causes a problem. We read from left to right and we read column-wise. We finish reading one column before going to the column on the right. The text here is in two columns visually. The first sentence “Our child defeated blood cancer” is followed by Performed Bone marrow… Since the second sentence in red does not have a subject in it, the subject of the previous sentence is taken in its place. Hence the meaning is as if the child defeated blood cancer and performed the Bone Marrow Transplants. A better design would have been to shift the sentence in red to the right column under Yashoda Hospitals, then the ambiguity could have been avoided.
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