Blunder Boards – Would you like to taste the newspaper while dancing?

This one will leave you completely puzzled and speechless. “Step in for a taste of the great authentic Telugu Daily” My first thought was this is an ad for a Telugu Newspaper which is what a Telugu Daily would mean. But then you don’t taste a newspaper would you unless you are the house dog intent on getting a taste of the newspaper before anyone wakes up.

The name of the place Kuchipodi has had me puzzled a bit. Kuchipudi is a form of classical dance originating in Andhra. For a moment I thought could this be a dance school or something? But why would a dance school have a pot of yummy looking rice in its ad?
So it must be for a place serving Telugu cuisine. By missing the word cuisine in the headline a whole lot of confusion has resulted. “Step in for a great taste of the authentic Telugu cuisine daily” would have done a much better job of conveying the essence.
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