Build in redundancy on the day of test


The dictionary defines redundancy as, “the inclusion of extra components which are not strictly necessary to functioning, in case of failure in other components.” For the test, you are allowed to carry a pen, a pencil, an eraser and a pencil sharpener. Some students make the mistake of carrying one of each. What if your pen runs out of ink? What happens if the lead of your pencil breaks? Will you spend time sharpening the pencil? The test is a critical time for you. Anything wrong can happen. If you are prepared for it, then you will not become frustrated. Take more than one of each of the stationary items allowed. If you run out of ink in one pen you can use another pen. If the lead of the pencil breaks instead of sharpening the pencil use another one. If the eraser slips out of your hand and rolls down leave it there and use the other one. Every minute in the Test hall is important. You cannot afford to lose it doing things other than answering questions. Keep extra refills for the pen opened from the packing and not spend opening a pack in case you need a fresh refill. Ensure that you have put in a new refill in your pens before going to the exam and still carry an extra refill. Carry pencils which can be sharpened at both ends if you want.
The same way build in redundancy for the time taken to reach the test centre. If you know it will take you 30 minutes to reach the centre, provision for 60 minutes. You would rather be half an hour earlier at the centre than be late and miss the test or just make it in time, increasing your stress. Redundancy is built in by Engineers for projects like NASA’s missions to handle any unforeseen failures in critical parts. Clearing the IELTS is your mission, build redundancy into it.
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