Listening Test – Be careful to see whether the units of measurement are mentioned or not.

In the Listening Test, you should answer as you listen to the audio. There is one place where the students make a lot of mistakes. This is in understanding the numbers and the units of measurement. The blank may look like this:

  1. The length of the run is ______________.

When the student listens to the audio he might know that the length of the run is five kilometers. Now how should he write the answer?

Some students write it like this

  1. The length of the run is 5.

Why is the wrong? Because the unit of measurement is not mentioned. The question of the length of the run is not answered by the figure 5. Is it five mile? Is it five meters? Is it five kilometers? By just writing the number 5 the student has left the answer vague and it will be marked wrong. The correct way to write the answer is

  1. The length of the run is 5 KM.

The abbreviation can also be written in an expanded format. It can be written as 5 Kilometers or 5 Kilometres. Both the spellings would be acceptable. But not writing the unit of measurement would be marked as a wrong answer.

The same applies for anything that can be measured like, weigth, height, width, length, volume, temperature etc.

There is one very important precaution to be taken though. If the unit is already mentioned in the question either before or after the blank, then only the number should be written.

  1. The length of the run is _________KM.
  2. The weight of the parcel was ____________KG
  3. The temperature was _________degree centigrade.
  4. The cost of the ticket was Rs.__________________
  5. The room rent was _____________dollars a day.

Note that the unit of measurement can be written before or after the blank. In either case, the correct answer is only the number and not the number with the unit repeated again. Students should take extreme care when transferring such answers to the Answer Sheet. Often they might have written the correct answer on the question paper as the unit of measurement has been printed there. But when transferring to the answer sheet they will transfer along with the unit. You have to transfer what you write in the blank only not what is there before or after the blank. Only if you had written the unit in the blank because no unit was printed on the question paper, you should write the unit in the Answer sheet too otherwise you will transfer only the number you have written in the blank.

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