Listening Test – Don’t use eraser on the question paper

It was a full-length test in the class. Every Friday, a full-length IELTS test is conducted in the class. The start with the Listening Test, go on to the Reading Test and wind it up with the Writing Test. It will last about three hours for the student. They get the real experience of doing an IELTS test.

The faculty watch how the students perform under test conditions. What are the errors that they make? The mistakes are noted and then discussed in the next class where the analysis of their test performance happens.

While watching some students do the listening test, I noticed that they were writing the answers on the question paper with pencil and then using an eraser to erase the answer and write a fresh one even as they were listening to the audio.

I later pointed it out to them. There is no need to use an eraser in the question paper. It just consumes time. Instead, they should just strike out the wrong answer and write the correct one. Only in the Answer Sheet, they should use the eraser to rub out the wrong answer and write the fresh one.

In the listening test, it is important that the students do not lose focus on listening to the audio tape as it plays only once. Time is of the essence here. They should minimize distractions. The few seconds spent out in rubbing the wrong answer with an eraser and writing a fresh one, they could miss the audio or the answer to the next question could be missed. No point in doing that. Striking the answer with the pencil and writing the fresh one near that is the way to go.

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