Reading Test – Don’t jump from passage to passage.

In the one hour of the Reading test the student has to read three passages of around 900 words in length. I have seen students answer a few questions of one passage and then jump to another passage to answer a few questions in that and then jump to the third passage and then back to the first passage. They generally end up wasting a lot of time. 

The best way to optimize time in the test is to go one passage at a time. Try to answer as many questions as possible on one passage before moving to the next passage. Yes, there could a few questions for which you may not be able to find the answer. Leave the specific questions and move on. Don’t jump from the passage because you did not understand some words in it. You are not going to understand it better next time around. Don’t jump from a passage to another one because you found it boring topic. It is going to continue to be boring when you come back to it. This is an exam and not a form of entertainment.

Some students feel they want to answer one type of question on all the passages. For example, if all the three passages have TRUE/FALSE/NOT GIVEN questions, they would like to answer all of that and then move on to other questions. Remember, to answer every question, you have to read the passage. How many times will you come back and read the passage all over again?

The best strategy to adopt is choosing the passage, any passage and answer all the questions on it before moving to the next one. Don’t jump from passage to passage with half answered questions lying around all over. 

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