Reading Test – Making notes in the margin

Reading Test Tip: Making notes in the margin

In the reading test, you have to read three passages each about 900 words and then answer questions based on it. There are questions for which simple skimming and scanning may not be sufficient. You have to read the passage in details to answer the questions especially questions like TRUE/FALSE/NOT GIVEN, YES/NO/NOT GIVEN and matching sentence end. There are no shortcuts for these types of questions.

So when you read a passage, the only thing you underline are names of people, places etc and of course numbers like dates, or quantities etc. Each paragraph of the six or seven paragraphs would elaborate on a sub-topic of the passage. It is a good idea to write a one-sentence summary of each paragraph in the margin. This will help you when you start looking for the answers.
The notes in the margin can be something like, “Introduction to agricultural automation”, “Advancement in Robotics”, “Practical difficulties”, “Research Areas” etc. The notes in the margin should tell you what the paragraph is about. Now when you look at the questions you can make it which of the paragraph the answer is likely to be found. So you can go that paragraph directly and check.
Remember the notes should be short, not more than a sentence, it should capture the essence of what the paragraph is about and you should make it the moment you finish reading the paragraph.
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