Reading Test – Marking the place where you found the answer

Three Reading passages have 40 questions built on them. There are more than six different types of questions that will be asked. Some of the questions can be found in the proper order in the passage. Answers to questions 2 will come in a place in the passage after the place where the answer to question 1 is. The answer to question three will be further down the passage after you have found the answer to question 2 and so on. Answers to TRUE/FALSE/NOT GIVEN, YES/NO/NOT GIVEN and some of the fill in the blank questions like a summary of the passage or a flow chart will come in sequential order. Whereas Matching Heading and finding information in the passage is obviously not in the sequential order as that would make it too easy and there would be no testing in the situation.

It is a good idea to mark the place in the passage immediately where you found the answer to a question. This will help you in more than one way. Suppose the first six questions are the TRUE/FALSE/NOT GIVEN type. If you find the answer to question 1 in the third line of the second passage writing 1 and circling it to indicate the place where you found the answer will help you to know that answer to question 2 will come only after that. You don’t have to hunt for the answer from the beginning. You also don’t have to hunt where you found the answer to question 1 to go the answer to question 2.
There is another reason why writing the answer numbers in the margin of the passage where you found the answer will help. At the end of the paper, you may have time to check the answer. Let us say you have five minutes left in the end after answering all the 40 questions. This time can be spent checking the answers. But if you have not marked the place where you found the answer, how will you check it? Let’s say you had some doubts about answers to questions 13-17. Since there is time on your hand, you can go back to check that. If you have marked the place where the answer to question 13 is, you go straight to the place in the passage, read that section, read the question and confirm to yourself whether the original answer is correct or you need to change it.
It takes very little time to write the question number in the margin but the payoff is high. Start the practice now.
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