Writing Test – The importance of handwriting

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When I threw up the question, “Is handwriting important in IELTS test?”, there were varied responses in the class.

“Yes, it is important. Good handwriting will get you better marks”
“Handwriting does not matter, there are no marks for handwriting”
“The examiner will be impressed by your handwriting”

What is the truth? The truth is there are no marks given for handwriting. The examiner will not be impressed by your writing. But handwriting does matter. Take a look at the four assessing criteria for the Writing Task.

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As you can see, handwriting is not one of the assessment criteria. So you can rest assured that you will not be evaluated for the beauty or lack of it of your writing. But at the same time writing legibly and clearly is very important. Here is an example of poor handwriting.

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While there are no marks for handwriting, if you like write that, the examiner will not be able to make out what you have written and hence you could lose out for not being able to communicate.
The bottom line is don’t spend time getting beautiful handwriting, but do write legibly and clearly enough for someone to understand what you have written.

Image Courtesy: Margaret White (@Graphocentric) | Twitter
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