Advantage of using the copy of the official paper in Writing Test Practice

I want to talk to you about the advantages of using a copy of the official IELTS for your writing practices. This is a copy of the official IELTS paper. In the IELTS test you need to do a minimum of 150 words in Task 1 and 250 words in Task 2. There is no maximum limit. But, there is a penalty if your writing falls short of the minimum limits. So how do you ensure that? Theres is so little time in the exam to count your words. But if you use the official paper, like many of my students use, you will know exactly where your 150 words will come. For instance, my student has marked his 150 words here. All he has to do is exceed this point, and he can have a minimum of 150 words. Same way for his task 2, his 250 words will come at this point. Once he exceeds this he is in the safe zone. So, depending on your handwriting, you can mark it on the paper and start practising.

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