Units of measurement

All numbers should have a unit of measurement other than say phone numbers and door numbers. If a distance is being measured, the unit should be meters, kilometers, miles etc. If the measurement is of weight, then the unit should be kilograms, grams, pounds, so on. If the question contains a blank without the unit printed on it, then your answer should contain the number along with the unit. But if the unit is already printed, then you should write only the number. Let me give you an example. Take a look at this question. Third question. Length of the run. There is a blank The unit of measurement is not mentioned there. So your answer should be a number along with the unit of measurement. On the other hand, question number 6, Cost of the run. Already mentioned Pounds Dash. So your answer should only be a number and you should not be writing pounds again. Be careful when you have to answer the blanks with numbers.
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