First Impressions

No student joins the IELTS/PTE training program without having a one to one discussion with me and doing an Assessment Test. The discussion is to understand the student, his background, his education and also to see how fluent he is in speaking. The Assessment Test gives an idea of how he will tackle the four parts of the IELTS test.  This interaction also gives us an idea of how to tailor make the program for the student as each student has his/her own strengths and weaknesses as for the skills needed for the IELTS test. 

This section will give a peek into the first impressions of the student. 

While the names of the students have been changed, a composite personality has been created for each story using the inputs of students thus further increasing their anonymity. But each of the stories that you will encounter is what happened in the classroom with very little embellishments. 

Dayakar Reddy – Not in the footsteps of dad

Faizal Khan – Academics in one shot or in instalments?

Vijesh Jain – Far from parental profession

Rakesh Manchu – Running away from Parental aspirations

Arvind Perugu – Am I teaching a future Chief Minister?

Vidya Lakshmi – Do we really understand our strengths?

Altaf Hussain – Memory is his strength

Raju Gurnam – New caste in the making

Khalid Wazir – No second name

James Park – No sibling rivalry for him

Chetan Magad – Friendly person with lots of friends

Prakash Raj – Great love for travel

Chelam Sripathy – improved English by listening to songs!

Eshwar Chinni – first claimant to be good at writing

NIkhil Choksi – Not intending to settle abroad

James Vela – Good at proper Hindi not the Hyderabadi variety!

Vivek Vamshi – Needs to pouch the ticket!

Veeresh Pali – Having deep friendship is good

Venkatesh Raju – To Australia to join friends

Rishikesh Vepu – End of one farming generation

Jaiprakash – Silent and simple

Ramesh Reddy – From a village called Mall

Paresh Jain – Leaving the roots behind?

Rajiv Satya – Jovial but angry young man

Venkatesh Sai – Speaking is difficult

Shailaja Rao – The challenge to a faculty

Sheila Prasad – Ready to dump a government job to go abroad!

Shanthi Vignesh – Multiple Schools, to what effect?

Shirish Murthy – Forensic Dentistry, evidence by the teeth

Babish – The whole day for IELTS

Vikas Bhalla – Nervous to speak to strangers

Sujatha Nallur – A passion to see things tallied

Rajeev Reddy – From Nandigama to Munich

Prabha Rao – Super support from spouse

Santosh Raj – Reading slowing him down

Vani Jayaram – Stop thinking outside the box

Sharath Palle – Emigration dreams hanging by a slender thread

Shweta Shankar – Living up to set standards

Suresh Reddy – the hometown puzzle