Altaf Hussain – Memory is his strength

Hafiz is a word the describes a person who knows the Holy Koran by heart. The person has committed the entire Koran to memory. This boy is one such. He, of course, did his B.Tech in Civil Engineering and not wants to pursue his Masters in Australia. He is currently working as a site engineer utilizing the skill he learned in his degree. That itself is rare in today’s world as no matter what your stream in Engineering was you end up as a software engineer. That really sounds rather weird, isn’t it? One studies a subject for four years and then makes no use of it. We have wasted so much of our resources. Maybe it would be better if the Software companies identified the students at the 12th standard level and sponsored their four-year education in Software. We may be spared of so many hours of useless teaching.

One of his elder brothers is a principal of a school and Altaf appeared a very shy boy, reluctant to speak. Apparently, his education was not in the city and hence his hesitation to speak in English.
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