Faizal Khan – Academics in one shot or in instalments?

What makes some people complete all their academic targets before joining a job and some others complete their degree work for a few years and then decided that they need further academic qualifications? They quit a well-paying job to go back to sit in a class in a formal academic setting.
Faizal had completed two years of working in an MNC after his B.Tech and then decided he needed to have a Master’s degree in he had to progress in life. He quit a job with a good salary and started preparing IELTS when he met me. I have found that the people who have work experience are better at communication that raw graduates. That work experience makes a person put efforts into communicating better in both the written and spoken formats.
Faizal wanted to do his Masters in Computer Science. He was not in a hurry. He wanted to prepare well and then write the IELTS test. This in itself was a rarity as I have often had students who book their test dates and then come to meet me for their training.
Faizal described himself as hardworking and he was willing to put in the effort. His problem like most people of his age was lack of confidence. Nervousness to speak in front of strangers in a formal setting turns off as many people as public speaking does.
Perhaps it is time that the colleges seriously looked into teaching communication English to all students in the last year of their graduation.
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