Not in the footsteps of dad

Does the kind of personality we have matter to the kind of work we do? It certainly seems to matter in many fields. Being a businessman is not easy and not everyone’s cup of tea. Some can be businessmen of small enterprises while a few can handle large businesses and a majority of them cannot handle the pressures of business. Within businesses too all businesses are not suitable for everyone.
Dayakar’s dad was in real estate business. After completing his graduation in Engineering, Dayakar joined his dad’s business reluctantly. He spent three torturous years in the business as his nature did not fit the business requirements. Fortunately, his dad understood the misery that his son was going through and asked him to pursue his own dreams.
That’s when Dayakar decided that he along with his wife would try the IELTS test and move out of India. Since both were qualified educationally, Dayakar decided that he would try it first as he was free and then his wife would do the same. He moved all the way from Bangalore to Hyderabad to join the IELTS training with us. His dedication was amazing as he took up hostel facility in Hyderabad and stayed put here only to do the IELTS training with us. Hope his hard work and commitment pays off.

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