Prabha Rao – Super support from spouse!

Prabha walked into the training center along with her husband. The husband had more questions than Prabha. I answered all the questions patiently. Prabha had completed her graduation and now wanted to go abroad for higher studies. She had no work experience. She had attempted IELTS twice and not got the required band.  Since Prabha had the ambition to go abroad, study and earn and enhance the standard of living of her family, her husband wanted to encourage her. He was a software engineer with about six years of experience. What really surprised me was that he was willing to give up his good job and relocate to a new country and look for a job there while his wife pursued her higher studies. That egoless behaviour was really appreciable in him and I told him so. He said since he was married to her, he considered them as a unit,  their goals as something for both of them and not for each individual. Whatever helped the unit was good.

Prabha had attended a coaching center earlier where they gave her a printed book full of practice tests and just asked her to do an endless amount of practice tests. No feedback was given. She did not know where she was making the mistakes. Without any awareness of her mistakes, there was no scope for her improvements. She was willing to come for the training sessions every day and do all the homework assigned to her. She needed coaching for all the four skills of IELTS test as she had issues in each of the skill.
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