Rajeev Reddy – From Nandigama to Munich

At one time the system in our country decided your profession based on your dad’s profession or your forefathers’ profession. Today it is so vastly different and no one really frowns if you choose to do something that your forefathers didn’t.

Rajeev Reddy comes from a very small town. His dad, he proudly says, is a farmer. His brother has completed his Engineering degree and is on the lookout for a job. Rajeev is in his last semester of Engineering and he is already preparing for his future. He does not want to be a farmer. He wants to go abroad for his higher studies and his parents are all for it. He wishes to study in Germany basically because higher studies in Germany is free. He does not wish to be a burden on his parents if he can avoid it. His country of choice alternatively is Canada. Perhaps his biography can read Nandigama to Montreal or Nandigama to Munich! The one thing that stops him is a good score in IELTS. He has attempted it once in October and has got a band score of just 5. Coming from a small town with no scope to speak in English, his Speaking Test was the worst of the lot getting him only 4.5.

On his assessment test which I gave, he got all the answers wrong on a segment of Reading Test. This was basically because he was hunting for keywords without understanding the meaning of keywords. A mistake many students make because they have been mistakenly told to do that in their previous training center.

Another challenge I have with him is to train him in just ten days as he will be in Hyderabad till the end of December and has to get back to his native town to continue his last semester of Engineering. The more obstacles there are to training, the more challenging it becomes for a trainer!

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