Raju Gurnam – New caste in the making

He comes from a family of Automobile Engineers. Many of his cousins are into the Automobile business. He chose to do Mechanical Engineering. How often does this happen, that we are inspired by our family and friends to take up the same stream of study when we have a multitude of choices? We can easily understand how the caste system based on the work that your family members did has come into existence. Apart from Automobiles, his interest lies in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.
He wants to understand Production and Manufacturing which was missing in his Degree education. It is so rare to come across someone who wants to pursue higher education because he feels his graduation is not complete!
He thought of going to Germany for his Masters as that is the go-to country for Mechanical Engineers but he is also exploring Australia for the same. Germany got ruled out as his degree marks did not make the mark.
He prepared on his own for the previous IELTS exam which he wrote in Feb 2018 almost a year ago. He needs 6.5. He has claimed that he is a good writer which is again the first of any student I have heard.
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