Santosh Raj – Reading slowing him down

It is one thing for people to go abroad for studies in higher education, but it is another when they leave a big city for another city in our country for their bachelor’s degree. Santosh Raj, left Hyderabad with so many Engineering colleges here to go to Bangalore to do his Engineering. He loved that city, the culture and the eateries there. Having completed the degree he is back in Hyderabad and wants to leave the country now for his Masters. The preference is for the USA, although I notice that fewer and fewer are opting for that country what with it tightening its immigration laws. Santosh attempted IELTS test in October and did not manage to clear it. His worst showing was in the Reading Test. He mentioned that he could just manage to read and attempt just one and half of the three passages in the one hour. The rest he just guessed the answers. Either he is slow in reading or he is reading every word and trying to understand it slowing him down considerably. His dad is a consultant in the real estate business and his mom a housewife. His younger brother is also pursuing his Engineering course.

Santosh had prepared for just a week for his previous IELTS test and it was just self-study. Since he had scored well on his Speaking Test, I will not be working much on that. I will be focusing on his Reading Skills and also a bit on his Writing Skills as he needs to understand the structure of essay writing and graph interpretation.

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