Shailaja Rao – The challenge to a faculty

She did her graduation and PG from Kurnool located about 4 hours drive from the city. This is what we can call a tier-2 city in Telangana but on an all India level would not count as a city at all. She is 31 years old and was working for three years in a financial company. Then she got married, moved to Hyderabad and gave up work. She has a small child now who is two years old.
Now she and her husband have decided that it is time to look for a job abroad. She wants to use her MBA to go to Canada. She has not attempted IELTS before and has no idea about it. She has not even found out anything about it. She has a huge difficulty in speaking as she is always short of words. It will be a huge challenge for the faculty as she needs 8-7-7-7 to go abroad and she is currently in band 4.5 overall. Sometimes as a faculty you get the feeling if I can train her then I can train anyone!
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