Shanthi Vignesh – Multiple Schools, to what effect?

For her schooling, she has changed multiple schools sometimes across cities and at other times within the same city. Her dad had a transferable job and at times she grew up with other relatives. This had initially made her into a shy girl but as she grew up she overcame that and began to make friends easily. But even now on occasions, she takes time to warm up to a new company. Don’t know if anyone has done a study on what personality changes are induced in children who change multiple schools. Do they consider all friendship as transient?
Shanthi was lucky to form a strong bond with a North Indian girl in her high school. She moved from Vizag to Hyderabad after marriage and has been working since 2007. Her last job was in IT in Healthcare. She wants to go to Canada for a job. Her husband is willing to follow on her primary visa. On the assessment Test, she came out average. The huge struggle to read long passages as she takes a long time to read. Have to devise effective strategies for her Reading Test.
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