Shirish Murthy – Forensic Dentistry, evidence by the teeth

The first time a doctor came to see me! Shirish is a dentist who has completed his course earlier this year. He wants to go to Australia to pursue his higher education. His interest is in the rare branch of Forensic Medicine. For this, there is only one course for him in Australia. While most people go abroad to study and then settle down there, Shirish wants to come back to India and offer his services here.
He comes from a small nuclear family with his younger brother pursuing Engineering. He comes from Nellore and he was finding it difficult to get good coaching there. He has made arrangements to stay in Hyderabad for a month just to complete his IELTS training. He needs an overall band of 6.5 to get admission to the course in Australia. His listening skills seem to be surprisingly good for someone not coming from a big city. Normally people from smaller towns have lesser opportunities to speak or listen to someone speak in English. His Reading skills have a long way to go. Hope we can have a qualified Forensic Dentist soon in our country
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