Shweta Shankar – Living up to set standards?

When an elder child in the family goes abroad to work, does it put pressure on the second child to do the same? A kind of standard has been set by the elder one to which the younger one must measure up? Don’t know if it happens in all families but it happened in Shweta’s family. Her elder brother had one his software engineering, found a job in Canada and settle there comfortably. While he was encouraging her to do the same, it was difficult to decipher what she really wanted. But egged by her father, she came to meet me for the IELTS Test preparation.
She had done her graduation in her favourite subject, Clinical Diet but after that did her MBA and was now working in some data crunching company. She did not enjoy her job. She wanted to get back to the first field which she loved Dietician. There was good demand for that kind of people in Canada but they needed higher band score in IELTS. One to go to Canada for a job needed a higher band and second, a job in the field of medicine or medicine related needed an even higher score.
In her assessment tests, she did well. But every half point higher band in IELTS needs greater and greater effort. Since she was working, she could come to the classes only on Saturdays. I drew up a program for her where she could do a three-hour session in the classroom on Saturdays and homework for the entire work. The challenge is on.
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