Vani Jayaram – Stop thinking outside the box

“You have worked in India for about eight years after your graduation, why are you thinking of going abroad now? I asked Vani

“For some reason, it never struck me to look for a job abroad all these years. After completing my graduation, I joined this power sector company and had been there for all my working years. Once I felt I had reached the stagnation levels there I quit and when I explored opportunities I saw some jobs being advertised abroad in my area of expertise. That’s why I thought why not give it a shot” she explained to me in detail.

She had passed the Speaking Test for me. If someone could elaborate in such details and answer so cohesively then they could easily clear the Speaking Test. I had to look at other skills to train her in.

Vani comes from a big joint family. These families are so rare these days. Perhaps since the family stays somewhere in the interior of Andhra Pradesh, the joint family could still be working out. In a city where there is a huge constraint on space, joint families would find it very difficult to live together.

All her sibling three of them were married, there was no real pressure on her on this front and hence she was willing to embark on a journey abroad.

When she answered the Reading and Listening Tests, I understood her problem. She was bringing in external knowledge of the world into the tests and answering the questions. The tests did not require you to do that. This was not a General Knowledge test. This was a test based on what you heard in the recording or what you read in the passage. External knowledge of the topic did not matter. Her habit of thinking out of the box – a corporate training – needed to be pruned if she had to succeed in the IELTS.

Every student presents a different problem for the trainer to deal and makes us think in the box as well as outside it.

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