Vidya Lakshmi – Do we really understand our strengths?

She saw the board and she walked in. She talked to the receptionist, filled in the form and entered my cabin. The way she took decisions, indicated a person who had led an independent life. She did not have to consult anyone for anything!

She had completed her Bachelors in Dentistry and was now wanting to go along with her husband who had got a job as an Emergency Physician in a Hospital in UK. Since she was going along with him, she decided she might as well go prepared by completing her IELTS and take up some suitable course there. So much of planning, so rare to see that.
She did not talk much about her family except mentioning that she had an older and a younger sister. She spoke fluently and when I asked her what her strength was in the four skills of IELTS, she mentioned that she was good at reading and comprehending but actually fared very badly on the Reading Test in the Assessment. Hope she does better in the class tests. Was left wondering, how good is it to ask people what their strengths are? Do we really know our strengths, or are we living in our own illusions?
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