Vijesh Jain – Far from parental profession

When I ask students to describe themselves in terms of their personality, most of them struggle a lot. Perhaps it is a question no one has asked them and neither have they asked it to themselves. The question takes them by surprise and some of them struggle to understand what I had asked.
Vijesh was a rare student who did not understand or hesitate to answer. He called himself hardworking, helping nature, a team leader and his strength was that he could grasp topics quickly.
A civil engineer by profession, Vijesh had clear ideas about is future too. He had visited Dubai the previous year and he had been told that there was immense potential for a candidate with MS in Civil Engineering. So the die had been cast. He was looking to do his MS in either Australia or Canada. His dad was in the real estate business but Vijesh had no inclination towards that business. His younger brother apparently had evinced interest in following dad’s footsteps.
Have you ever wondered what makes some children want to follow the profession of their parents and some other children want to move away from the path their parents had followed? It is a question that is difficult to answer, isn’t it?
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