Vikas Bhalla – Nervous to speak to strangers

The only reason he wanted to do PTE instead of IELTS was the Speaking Test. In the IELTS, the student meets the examiner face to face and has a chat with him for about 10-16 minutes. In the PTE test, the student has to speak into the microphone on the computer and has to listen to transcripts and summarize what he heard. He has to answer a couple of questions, repeat what he heard etc. Our innate shyness to interact with strangers especially in an Interview situation makes many to opt for the PTE without fully realizing the difficulties in the PTE test too. Both the tests have their own ease and difficulties. One is not superior to another or easier than the other.
Vikas Bhalla was still in his fourth year of Engineering. He was going to graduate in the summer of 2019 but he wanted to be prepared to go abroad for higher studies. He had decided that he will do Masters in Computer Science in Australia and wanted to get PTE/IELTS out of his way. It is rare to see children with this kind of thinking forward. I explained to him both the tests and left it to him to choose. The training would be more or less the same with minor differences. He was willing to put in two-three hours a day to complete the IELTS/PTE training. His father was in the Government service and his only sibling, a brother, was doing a Diploma.
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