Teaching Experiences with the students

Here I will be sharing my teaching experience with different students who join the IELTS/PTE training at our center. Some of them may be hilarious experiences, some would be insightful and for some others, it would be difficult to find an apt label. 

In one way or the other we discover the differences and commonalities amongst the students. We learn about the various way they will interpret the same passage or data. We understand the different things that different students find harder to comprehend. But in sum,  these students help teachers to refine the teaching methods and at times come out with something on the spot to guide them. 

While the names of the students have been changed, a composite personality has been created for each story using the inputs of students thus further increasing their anonymity. But each of the stories that you will encounter is what happened in the classroom with very little embellishments. 

Kirti Kumar – The futility of keyword hunting

Asif Kamal – The completely wrong way to describe a graph

Roy Pence – Restless while reading passages