Maanasa Reddy – Attention was paid to even minor errors.

I came to know about the IELTS training at Great Nations through my brother, who is a good friend of the head of Great Nations. Later, I met IELTS trainers at Great Nations three weeks ago.

I learned to rectify my mistakes and answer questions accurately. I learned how to answer different types of questions and also different ways to answer a question. I also learned how to get interactive with people in a very slow and cool way through speaking sessions.

The method of teaching at Great Nations is a step by step process which goes smoothly making you better day by day. I was monitored every day and suggestions were given on each and every aspect. I was trained with the utmost care and even minute errors were corrected.

Mr Sreedhar was my faculty at Great Nations. He is a friendly person and very open-minded in his views. I felt very ease and comfort talking to him. He was very cooperative in terms of my timings and he made decisions based on my knowledge. He trained me in such a way that, I could feel confident in every step and made my language and communication skill better. My speaking sessions faculty was Mr Murali. He was a man with a lot of techniques and good vocabulary. He taught me many words to use in the Speaking Test and gave me a wide range of knowledge.

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