Vocabulary for IELTS/PTE

“Is there a test of vocabulary in IELTS/PTE?”
“No there isn’t.”
“So, are you saying we are not tested for vocabulary?”
“You are tested but not directly”
“Then how?”
“In the Reading test, for instance, you have to read long passages of 900 odd words, there may be many words for which you do not know the meaning. If the questions are based on your understanding of the meanings, how are you going to answer that?”
“You are saying, we will be tested for our vocabulary indirectly”
“Exactly. There is no direct test asking you to choose the meaning of a word but unless you have a good vocabulary, you will understand what you read and if you do not understand what you read, you cannot answer the questions. The Reading test is to examine your comprehension skill. How well did you understand what you read.”
“So only in the Reading Test, we need a good vocabulary”
“Not only in the Reading Test. In the Listening test too you should have a good vocabulary. If you do not understand the word that the speaker is speaking and the word in a specific context, how will you fill in the blanks?”
“Can you give an example?”
“In the Listening Test, let’s say the speaker is speaking about the Maori culture. If you get the word, ‘ethnic’ and you do not know the word, how will you answer the question?”
“I see your point”
“In the writing test also you are given marks for what is officially termed as ‘lexical resources.’ Vocabulary forms a part of the lexical resources. If you need a higher band in writing, you need to have better lexical resources – good vocabulary, good turn of phrases, good idioms to use etc.”
“So essentially what it means is that vocabulary is a part of all the tests in IELTS.”
“Absolutely. Your vocabulary needs to be good to get a good band score in IELTS or PTE”

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