Why Choose Our IELTS Training Programme?

Great Nations has a rich history of guiding Indian students who want to study abroad in many countries like New Zealand, Canada, the United States of America and Australia. Our professionals have been training and guiding students interested in pursuing academia internationally for over 15 years now. With strong university connections all over the world and great working knowledge of the do’s and don’ts of applying to study abroad, we offer the complete package for all Indians planning to study abroad.

One of the main barriers for Indian students with the goal of studying abroad is the IELTS test. Passing the IELTS test with the required band score is of crucial importance, and understandably one of the biggest hurdles our students face. We at Great Nations have developed our own concise coaching curriculum specifically built to enable our students to pass the IELTS test with relative ease and obtain the band scores which they require to study abroad.

Our classrooms are spacious and the class strength is deliberately kept low. We believe that low classroom strengths allow our tutors to pay more individual attention to students and provide the high-quality coaching they require. Additionally, the classrooms are equipped with all the materials our students might require to study for the IELTS test and pass with flying colours.

Our IELTS Test coaching strategy focuses on being concise and exam oriented with a lot of emphasis placed on the core English language skills required for passing the IELTS test, such as grammar, reading skills, writing skills, speaking skills and spoken English language comprehension skills. Our tutors are experienced with a long history of teaching English to students from many different backgrounds. They are skilled at recognising each individual student’s weaknesses and strengths regarding different aspects of the English language.

Regardless of your mother tongue, or your cultural heritage, our experienced and patient tutors will see that you are ready to face the IELTS Test in a short period of time. At our coaching classes, you will quickly realise that the main focus is you. Our tutors will know you by name and use various teaching strategies which are specifically developed for you, taking into account your personal IELTS band score requirements. They are committed to seeing you succeed and they will work tirelessly towards helping you obtain the IELTS band scores you need.