Sreedhar Mandyam


Sreedhar Mandyam,

Chief Master Trainer, IELTS, Great Nation NZ, Hyderabad

Sreedhar Mandyam is a British Council certified IELTS master trainer. He has been in the training field for over a decade. With immense experience in designing courses, writing course curriculum to teaching classes in Psychology and English he brings commitment and passion for teaching. Teaching in a manner in which the student understands rather than stick to any given methods of teaching, Sreedhar ensures that at the end of a training session, the student goes back with confidence that he has understood the subject and can tackle any test on it. He has recently been recognised as one of the 25 best teachers of English By CENTA (Centre for Teacher Accreditation) during the Teaching Professional Olympiad(TPO) it conducted in 2018

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Wealth of experience

He has contributed as an author to magazines and Radio Shows from his college days. With a deep interest in Reading, he brings in a variety of techniques to his classes with the sole aim of helping the students understand any complicated topic.
He has been a content writer for many websites and magazines.
He has his own website where he jots down some thoughts that seem worth sharing with others around.

Sreedhar has a wealth of experience working in the fields of psychology, counselling, life skills training – he has worked as a lecturer and trainer (apart from always being a student himself).
He set about analysing and understanding current IELTS training methods in various institutes all over the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Undoubtedly most of them make a sincere effort to train students to do well in the IELTS test and many of their students indeed get the required IELTS band scores.
He talked to students at the time of enrolment, who weren’t able to get the required IELTS band scores; to understand why they could not succeed. Was it just their lack of English language skills that caused their failure, that made it difficult for them to clear the IELTS test? Or, could the methods to train them be improved, modified or structured differently to help such students?


Drawing on the latest proven research on the most effective ways, methods of teaching and learning, Sreedhar went about structuring, designing the IELTS training course differently. Instead of just making the students do endless practice tests with answer keys to check their scores themselves Sreedhar has designed the feedback loop to help the students improve with every practice test.

Generally IELTS training courses

  • explain what the components of the IELTS test are (info available on the internet)
  • give a list of tips, tricks and techniques to do the IELTS test well (info available on the internet)
  • make the students do numerous practice tests; with the given answer keys the
  • students check their performance/scores themselves (info available on the internet)

Sreedhar has introduced detailed feedback and reviews. He has introduced

  • a thorough assessment of a student’s skill levels before they are admitted to the course
  • drawing up of a personalized programme in the IELTS training course based on his assessment of the student’s skill levels
  • observation of the students when they do practice tests
  • detailed feedback about their performance in practice tests, classwork and homework
  • detailed reviews of their progress during the IELTS training course.

Attention to details

The observation, the detailed feedback and reviews take more manpower, more time but you learn better, you will do better when you actually take the IELTS test.
Chief Master Trainer Sreedhar and his team have designed the Great Nations IELTS Test Training Course incorporating in it rigorously proven cutting-edge, latest training and learning methods and techniques.

In this scientifically designed IELTS Test Training Course, Sreedhar and his team will prepare you using evidence-based training methods and share with you proven, effective learning and IELTS test taking techniques. Whatever your background of current level of English language skills, with the personalized programme that will be drawn up for you, you will gain the skills and the confidence to take the IELTS test and get the stipulated band scores for admission to the course you want to study abroad or the job abroad that you want to take up.

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